The Network

Linda Simpson is the founder of Imagination Network ™, her 10 year old global consulting group that delivers lifestyle forecasts, design and product development and overseas sourcing for the Home Furnishings, Tabletop, Housewares, Giftware and Fashion Accessory industries. The Network includes overseas merchandisers, agents, photographers, artists, legal counsel, and key overseas alliances all contributing real-time retail and wholesale information and guidelines.

Linda is a veteran at identifying emerging trends and new materials, covering trade shows and working tirelessly with factories, retailers and wholesalers in the USA, Europe, Asia, India, N. and South Africa, Turkey and Egypt. Her product development and branding efforts have been successful at such retailers as Bloomingdales, Target, Hobby Lobby, Harrods, and TJX. She has also worked with Kathy Ireland Worldwide, the Care Foundation, Asia Society, the Smithsonian, and April Cornell.

Her reputation lead CITEM (Center for International Trade and Missions-Philippines) and Josie Natori to enlist her help to revitalize their Manila FAME Fair( Home, Furniture and Gift) and consult factories throughout the country to create more commercially viable products, resulting in attendance growing by more than 150 percent in 24 months.

Building on her concerns for people and the environment, Linda is keen on focusing on emerging markets and creating exciting sustainable products that benefit both the people who she works with and the places where they live. Linda is proudest of her time working with the Care Foundation under the auspices of the United Nations where she made a difference building a mutli-million-dollar “Made with Care” license contributing a portion of the earnings to the Care third world countries she created products within.

Recently Imagination Network has forged a key alliance with Michael Cleghorn, founder of MC & Co.™ to work with corporations on refining their branding and product offerings . In addition they will deliver signature reports that provide the tools manufacturers and retailers need to become more mindful of generational shifts, aspirational desires, emerging markets, experiential retailing and social marketing trends, all of which effect their future business. This information bundled for them will enable customers to develop keen merchandising strategies that are proactive rather than reactive.

The Global Alliance Leadership Team

Michael is the MC in MC&Co. He has over 30 years of experience in retail manufacturing and wholesale environments, in multiple Senior Executive roles with key strategic planning. Michael has global connections with major retailers and deep connections and understanding of Asian manufacturing. This gives him industry insights, knowledge, which he brings to all of his clients without breaking confidence.

Steve is MC&Co’s Creative Director. He has an enviable craeer in creative arenas, as well being instrumental in all the work MC&Co do towards trend research, presentations, video, imagery and social media. He manages all the all the interpretations of trend that leads to Product Development. He is hands on, and involved in all steps of the process.

Guyon’s is the talent behind MC&Co’s Go-to-Market consulting services. He also manages MC&Co’s new business development and client relationships. Guyon applies logical processes and insights to intelligent business decisions regarding retail manufacturing and wholesale. He also implementations business diagnostic and strategy programs.

Linda Simpson is the founder of Imagination Network ™, her 10 year old global consulting group that delivers predictive lifestyle forecasts, strategic branding and licencing coupled with design and foreign product development, focusing on Home Furnishings, Decor, Tabletop and Soft Home. Linda is partnering with MC&Co. to deliver lifestyle intelligence to North American retailers and importers including brand awareness, innovative products, generational desires, and current experiential retailing and social marketing trends.

Our Mission

We believe your branding needs to be singular and dynamic.
Our goal is to enable you to be consistent with a strategic lifestyle merchandising and innovative product direction focused on your customer ‘s generational aspirations and locale.