Forecasting/Lifestyle Trends

Our global affiliates and our domestic team cover retail in major cities, social networking influencers, and key trade shows in Asia, India, Europe and Atlanta, New York, North Carolina, and New York in order continually inspire and validate our trend intelligence.

We focus on the lifestyles that are applicable to your business and take a deeper dive in to the specific merchandise categories you house and make recommendations. We customize the information for you and do not just provide you with random pictures.

We guide you through current lifestyle forecasts to decide which one is viable for your business. We do this by analyzing your brand and customer profile. This strategic method helps you successfully grow your business.

Trend Intelligence

Some people ask
“Is Trend is dead”?

In part our answer would be yes as you can no longer just be lead by forecasted style trends.  You must give heavier weight to defining  your brand message , and the personalities and generations of the customers you are serving along with associated demographics.  These days it is imperative to micro-market and make sure you are not only educating your consumers as to why to shop with you , but to always have what they want or need.

Trend + Tribe =Success

Unlike other services you may subscribe to,  we believe style trends are only half of the equation. We believe the other half to be considered when planning merchandising strategies must be influencers, and the desires of the generations including demographic, ethnicity and socio economic statistics that drive purchasing.  Oftentimes, other services provide you with one half of the equation and not the other.

The Generational Drivers of Trend we Consider

Millennials/Gen Y

27% Population

Tech Focused
Social Media Key
Debt encumbered
Health Conscious
Non-Traditional-Share rather than own to “Tribes”-Single longer
Environ. Conscious
Smaller Efficient Living
Customer Service Imp.

Ages 40-54
13% of Population

Raising Families
Home Office
Tech Focused-Ease
Health Conscious
Pets, if no kids
Home Improvement
Gardening-Crafts Suburbs-Empty Nesters
Experiential Travel
Pay off debt

Baby Boomers
Ages 55-75
25% Population

Family Focused
Health Focused
Experiential Travel
Concern Parents/Grandchildren
2nd Homes or pay off mortgage debt

Prime Timers
Ages 74+
9% Population

Travel Oriented
Family Focused
Tech Savvy
Health& Wellness Concern
Assisted Living-Smaller furniture

Tech Savvy Teens-grew up with parents tablets, phones, etc.

Average- 3 hrs. a day on mobile phone
Watch dept ridden parents
Shop on line-social media decisions
Budget themselves-early bank accounts
Influence buying decisions of other generations
Aware of sales, news, new apps, events, new trends, music,
Grow up fast
Like customized products-sneakers

The Trend Lifecycle

Home and lifestyle trends come and go. Some endure over time. Others are emerging or declining. By understanding your consumer insights, we are able to help you determine how your product assortment needs to be committed to a trend. We hold your hand to help you make strategic trend decisions.