Robert Islinger
Invigoren, LLCC-Level, P&L, Turn-Around Experience in Public / Private Equity entities in Retail, Apparel, Manufacturing & Service. Formerly, CMO-Demdaco

Not surprisingly, for someone who started his or her merchandising career at Bloomingdales, Linda is a true merchant. She executes at the SKU level, but thinks in terms of depth and breadth assortments, categories, and  customer segments. She is not locked in to a medium or format; she executes themes across a broad range of materials to create “theater”, which to me is a very high compliment. She brings imagination, energy, style, a great deal of experience, and a merchants’ perspective to any project. She has a sense of what the customer wants, and she delivers it.

Michael Cleghorn
MC&Co, Global Trend Consultant, Product Development, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Home Lifestyle

Never underestimate the immense power of exceptional creativity balanced with significant business experience! Having worked together on joint projects for over 10 years, I am always impressed by Linda’s ability to maximize the crucial creative aspects of product development within a profit focused business paradigm. Linda holds an enviable corporate pedigree which ensures her ability to effectively balance both strategic business vision and creative merchandise disciplines. Linda knows what consumers will want before they do. It is rare to find a consultant who understands the various, sometime conflicting needs of the supply chain. Linda’s vast experience from manufacturing to retail at both a domestic and global level, creates significant value. I passionately recommend Linda to any business wanting to lead their market through exceptional products.

Lori Siebert
Creative Director at Olika Studio, licensed artist specializing in product development and workshop creator

I have known and worked with Linda Simpson for over 15 years. I am an artist and product designer. I’ve collaborated with Linda when she worked with Silvestri, Demdaco, Enesco and her own company. Linda is brilliantly creative. She is collaborative and inventive. She has her finger on current trends and translates that knowledge into product. She has developed many hugely successful collections. She is an inventive thinker and developer of timely, unique products for the gift, pet and home decor industries. She is also extremely well traveled and documents what inspires her everywhere she goes. She has an extensive knowledge of materials and a variety of production techniques.

Tom Mirabile
Springboard, Cooperative Consulting/Direction
Consumer Analysis and Forecasting Former SVP –Home Lifetime Brands

I only wish I had hours to write a recommendation that fully encapsulated my experiences with Linda Simpson over the years and to describe the depth of the respect and regard I have for her.
It is sadly infrequent that I have the opportunity to work with someone who is truly
“left and right brained”, but Linda is one of the lucky few. Her ability to develop creative ideas that map to solid business strategy is nothing short of amazing. She is as comfortable and prepared speaking with a president of a company about their business strategy as she is working with a team of designers to inspire them with her vision. Moreover, Linda has incredibly strong organizational skills and a work ethic that has inspired all of those who have the good fortune to work with her.
Linda is a rare combination of solid business acumen and bright energizing creativity. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Caroline Kennedy
Co-founder/co-editor at Present Publishing LLC Previously editor in Chief at Gift and Decorative

Linda is a creative and talented individual with a keen instinct for good design and emerging product trends. She is passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm is evident in how she talks about the product lines when they finally are launched. She has developed strong working relationships with various artists and has keen ability to take their vision and help translate it into a marketable product without compromising the integrity of the artist’s initial intent. I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda from her time with Holiday Workshop through to Silvestri, Syratech and Demdaco. At each stage of her career, she has brought the same enthusiasm, professionalism and insight to every new product and line that she has had the pleasure of helping bring to market.